EFT Master Practitioner

Fears & Phobias

“Taming our overpowering fears”

Mary E. Stafford, M.Ed., EFT-ADV, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, in the state of Arizona, with 24 years experience. She is a member of the American Counselors Association and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Counseling is a second career, for Mary. In her first career she attained a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of California at Irvine. She did bio-medical research for ten years before making a career change to counseling, a field she felt would be more fulfilling. At that time she went back to school and earned a M.Ed. in counseling and guidance from the University of Arizona.

Since 1981, she has worked as a counselor in various settings including as a crisis counselor for a state agency. She routinely had clients in extreme states of distress. In 1996, she was looking for a counseling approach that would be more effective and efficient. She became trained in Thought Field Therapy, (TFT), the approach which first used energy meridians. She experienced amazing results, using TFT, and trained with its originator, Dr. Roger Callahan, so she could also train professionals. Six months later, Mary learned of Gary Craig’s development called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and began training professionals in EFT, as well.

In recent years, Mrs. Stafford has focused on EFT, using it for clients and training others in its use. She is pleased with how empowering EFT is for clients, since the same tapping procedure is used for a multitude of issues. She was privileged to present EFT to the Arizona School Counselors’ Conference in Mesa, Arizona in March, 2005. Her dream is that someday all school children will learn to use EFT to let go of anger, hurtfulness, sadness, fear, and guilt and then go home and teach their parents. Young people today would not have problems with drugs and violence, if they were taught how to manage their emotions.



Mary’s Website:

Mary has retired so her Website “MindBodyTherapy.com” is no longer active