I’ve read over a dozen books on Energy Psychology, and this one is my favorite to date. Simply because so many EFT “experts” on different subjects get right to the point of what to say while tapping on that specific “issue.” The title of the book is so true. EFT does indeed provide us freedom at our fingertips. And it works — as if by magic. Cheers to a job well done!
Marelin Thornton
California, USA

An extraordinary reference for one of the most accessible, practical, and effective means of relieving the emotional and physical stresses and strains of everyday life. This book should be on the desk of every healthcare practitioner as a quick and easy reference for relieving pain, grief and the host of emotional and physical turmoils that we all experience and which often lead to profound illness and disease.
Dr. Tom Driber
Tennessee, USA

As a practicing psychiatrist teaching and using EFT for the past 9 years, this book is well worth being included in one’s library of Energy Psychology books, with a practical use for all persons, practitioners and clients. All the 20 contributors are seasoned practitioners of EFT. I have personally observed several of the contributors as topnotch presenters.
Henry E. Altenberg, Psychiatrist
Maine, USA

When I first found EFT, I ordered several books and sets of DVD’s on the subject. While watching a DVD has obvious advantages over reading a book, I have to say that I found this book almost more helpful than the DVD’s and it is definitely the most useful of all the books I bought.
R. Swanson
New Mexico, USA

I have found Freedom At Your Fingertips to be extremely practical and more importantly, very efficient. Great for practitioner and lay person alike. This fantastic resource makes learning EFT quick and simple.
Dr. Ron Ristaino
California, USA

I am an EFT Practitioner and I have found this book one of the best resources for my practice. The material is presented in an easy to follow manner for a practitioner or just someone who wants to use EFT for their own use.
Darlene Sumner
California, USA

If you ever wanted a way to break through old barriers and you don’t have the time or the money to pay a therapist, EFT is the answer and this book on the subject is a GREAT compilation of the best minds in the business. I have read many of these authors already and to have them all in one well thought out book is really a pleasure as well as a time saver. This is a great book, I recommend it to everyone I meet.
J. Winning
Washington, USA

I got this book because of some serious neck pain that I was having. I did go to a chiropractor, but relief was temporary. I was too cheap to keep going back every other day. I thought EFT was too good to be true, but as soon as I got the book and read the first chapter, I tried it, and it worked!

The whole process of tapping certain areas on your body for pain relief was easy to understand and implement. All I can say is that I am glad that I got this book. I am also using it on my children.
L.M. Tanaka
Hawaii, USA

Great book. I have been practicing EFT and feeling much more positive and better in myself. I can feel the energy moving through my body.
J. Murdock
United Kingdom

This is a fabulous book! Freedom At Your Fingertips is a treasure chest filled with quick, painless formulas to help clear away emotional issues and physical ailments. That may sound very simplistic, but EFT is so effective that it almost sounds too good to be true. Well it is good, and it is true, and it really works!

I chose to read the book from cover to cover even though it is designed as a reference book, and found it to be a fascinating discovery journey. I looked into EFT a while ago, (created by Gary Craig, engineer and Master NLP Practitioner) and found it to be very quick and easy to learn to use. I now use EFT regularly for different themes in my life. Some physical pain that I had for a long time just vanished. Some emotional issues also went away. Some of the changes are so subtle that they are almost undetectable, but there is this good “something different” quality present.

It is important to remember to take SUDS (‘subjective units of distress scale’ from 0 to 10 of the issue being addressed) before tapping so as to be able to really note the shift in energy that takes place.

Freedom At Your Fingertips covers many different subjects by twenty different experts in this Energy Psychology. There is enough material in the book to keep any keen EFT enthusiast busy for a long time. I have also myself been able to help other people with both physical and emotional issues already with EFT. Within these techniques there is a very strong spiritual component present.

It is one of the most powerful healing modalities I have come across to this day, and I have learned many different healing techniques as I am a qualified healing practitioner. The more people who learn EFT and use it, the more we can affect the quantum field and contribute to the healing of our planet. EFT really works! Do yourself a favour and don’t hesitate for one more moment in buying this book. What have you got to lose?

Anna Bryde

I have studied techniques for balancing energy for over 25 years, and EFT is simply the easiest-to-learn and most effective system I have seen. And this book is a great way for anyone, but especially relative newcomers to EFT, to make the technique “sing” for them, getting results quickly and easily.

Freedom At Your Fingertips demonstrates the breadth of issues one can apply EFT to (as Gary Craig says, “Try it on everything!”). Most newcomers hesitate to use EFT because they don’t know how to phrase their problem or worry that they’ll set it up wrong. This book gives hundreds of examples of set-up phrases and shows there are so many ways to do it that there’s no “wrong” way!

If you don’t want to invest in Gary’s DVDs or spend all the hours watching them, you can still get a good feel for different approaches to using EFT by reading the ways 20 different expert practitioners use it.

I highly recommend this book to my EFT students and clients, as well as to my family and friends.
Lynne Donnelly
New Hampshire, USA