When we set out to do this book, we asked the big question. What if we could help teach people the basic tenants of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques™) by pulling together some of the very best EFT teachers and practitioners in the world? Further, what if we could do a book that made it quick and easy for people to find answers to their questions about EFT. The book, Freedom at Your Fingertips, is the product of these ideas. All of the co-authors in this book are accomplished EFT experts. Although each person has written a chapter on a particular topic, you’ll find that these experts may have other areas of specialization also.

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Gloria Arenson

Ron Ball

Gwenn Bonnell

Paul & Layne Cutright

Lindsay Kenny

Dr. Alexander R. Lees

Carol Look

Angela Treat Lyon

Rebecca Marina

Betty Moore-Hafter

Carol Solomon

Loretta Sparks

Mary Stafford


Carol Tuttle

Stacey Vornbrock

Maryam Webster

Rick Wilkes

Brad Yates

Jan Yordy