Freedom at Your Fingertips includes a chapter on the basics of EFT, plus 19 other topics. Click on a topic below to go to that chapter’s co-author page:

  • The Basics of EFT by Ron Ball

    A breakthrough system for rapid physical and emotional relief

  • Abundance & Prosperity by Carol Look

    Changing beliefs and feelings to attract what you want in life

  • Addictions by Loretta Sparks

    Integrating EFT into treatments for substance or behavior dependency

  • Anxiety by Lindsay Kenny

    Erasing uneasy, apprehensive feelings

  • Blockages & Obstacles by Maryam Webster

    Breaking through to peak performance

  • Children & Teens by Jan Yordy

    Using magic fingers to energize youngsters

  • Fears & Phobias by Mary Stafford

    Taming our overpowering fears

  • Happiness by Brad Yates

    The ultimate success

  • Health by Dr. Alexander R. Lees

    Exploring the mind/body connection

  • Pain Management by Gwenn Bonnell

    Relieving physical and emotional pain

  • Personal Development by Carol Tuttle

    Developing a more positive relationship with your Self

  • Procrastination by Gloria Arenson

    Moving beyond excuses and smoke screens

  • Relationships by Paul & Layne Cutright

    Crossing the feelings barrier to successful personal and
    business relationships

  • Sexuality by Rebecca Marina

    Healing past issues, creating greater communication and intimacy

  • Speaking & Stage Fright by Angela Treat Lyon

    Releasing the performance jitters and butterflies

  • Spiritual Growth by Rick Wilkes

    The inner path to emotional freedom and a thriving life

  • Sports Performance by Stacey Vornbrock

    From healing injuries to improving your game

  • Stress by Ron Ball

    Preventing damage from overload and burnout

  • Travel by Betty Moore-Hafter

    What to do when… leavin’ on a jet plane

  • Weight Loss by Carol Solomon

    Removing self-sabotage from the weight loss equation