Spiritual Growth

“The inner path to emotional freedom and a thriving life”

Rick Wilkes is an Emotional Freedom Coach, Certified Massage Therapist, and Ordained Interfaith Minister.

For the past fifteen years, Rick has been exploring energy therapy combined with spiritual inner guidance to promote healing from chronic stresses and pains. This exploration lead him to become nationally certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork.

During his hands-on work with clients, he became intrigued with the ways the body stores emotional pain in physical tissues. For Rick and most other energy touch therapists, emotions are palpable just as a muscular knot or spasm is. Intuitive guidance often lead him to rub, tap, and flow energy intentionally between specific points on the body to bring physioemotional relief and allow the body to heal itself.

Rick discovered EFT several years ago, and it immediately felt like an “old friend.” The energetic relief clients felt on the table can now be experienced over the phone and the internet using systematic tapping — even for painful core issues, traumatic memories, and limiting beliefs.

Rick loves the fact that EFT can be used for ongoing emotional self-care, and he has devoted himself to spreading the word about EFT and teaching people around the world how to transform their pain into optimal health so they can truly feel good in the present moment.

That is the essence of Thriving Now. To feel good in the present moment is to literally feel the spiritual presence of God. Body, mind, and spirit are integrated with EFT in Rick’s holistic approach to emotional freedom coaching. As an ordained interfaith minister, Rick naturally respects and honors the individuality of each person’s spiritual path and religious traditions.

Rick also leverages his 27 years of technology experience on his website. Visitors will find many hours of freely available audio coaching sessions to tap along with, hundreds of articles, an EFT quick start guide, and a free email newsletter. Also available is the Thriving Now Team Membership which includes group coaching and other services for a very affordable monthly fee.

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