“Healing past issues, creating greater communication and intimacy”

Rebecca has an intense desire to share EFT because she has used these techniques to heal so many areas in her own life. Raised as one of eight children in the back roads of Alabama, Rebecca experienced childhood poverty and the feelings of inferiority that often come with it. Because, she learned how to use energy therapy to transform these energy patterns in her own life, she delights in helping others do the same. There is no greater way to become an expert than to learn to apply a healing technique because of personal need.

Rebecca feels especially blessed to pioneer the use of EFT in intimacy and relationship issues. There is such satisfaction in helping others have happy, healthy, loving, intimate, relationships. Rebecca enjoys an international private practice and teaches others how to use the unique EFT techniques she has pioneered. She lives with her husband, children and five canine friends in deep South Texas.

Rebecca is the author of 30 Angel Steps to Prosperity which combines powerful spiritual principles with energy therapy for simply divine results. Also, the DVD, The Power of Emotions in Our Blood, was created by Rebecca and provides visual evidence that our emotional states affect our blood and how EFT can assist in creating rapid, positive changes. The video actually shows live blood cells under a dark field microscope responding to Rebecca doing EFT.

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