“Exploring the mind/body connection”


Dr. Alexander R. Lees goes by the credo that… “People are not broken and in need of fixing. Most people are just fine. They simply need a tune-up.” Dr. Lees has been in private practise for 20 years, as a counsellor, therapist and personal coach. He is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Dr. Lees also presents seminars internationally on a wide variety of topics, including EFT, NLP, and the Mind/Body Connection.

Dr. Lees’ goal is to assist people to achieve a higher level of emotional well-being, so they can live their lives with a feeling of joy and contentment. He became a psychotherapist so that he could help people to realize that they have the power within themselves to overcome adversity, and Dr. Lees’ is no stranger to adversity. When a devastating accident left him bound to a wheelchair with a poor prognosis for recovery, he harnessed the energy of his mind and used its power to achieve his goal — to walk again.

Whether presenting a seminar or in private practice this energy is apparent. With passion and humour Dr. Lees strives to provide an atmosphere where individuals can fully realize the power they have within themselves. He wants to introduce you to the real healing guru – Yourself! Dr. Lees is the author of EFT — Emotional Freedom Techniques — What is it and how does it work?

Note: Alex Lees has passed away. You can find out more about him at Berit Lees Website: