Weight Loss

“Removing self-sabotage from the weight loss equation”


Carol Solomon, Ph.D. PCC is a psychologist, author and personal coach. With 25 years experience in helping people find solutions and make positive life changes, Carol is a natural teacher and coach. She enjoys a thriving coaching practice and is passionate about helping others succeed. Carol has a warm and genuine personal style and an enthusiastic love of learning.

Carol was selected as a trainer in the Authentic Happiness Coaching program led by Dr. Martin Seligman and Dr. Ben Dean, and is on the faculty of Mentorcoach™. She is the author of Lose Weight Now… Stay Slim Forever, a practical how-to manual for learning to lose weight without dieting. Register for her free email newsletter at www.StressEating.com

Carol is highly proficient with EFT which can stop immediate food cravings, reduce binge eating, and decrease the intensity of emotions that lead to the urge eat. She is the author of How To Stop Food Cravings and Lose Weight With EFT and More Money With EFT available on her websites.

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