Speaking & Stage Fright

“Releasing the performance jitters and butterflies”


Angela Treat Lyon is an International EFT practitioner/trainer and Accelerated Freedom Tools trainer, Wealth and Success Trainer, author, professional graphic and fine artist (see Lyon-Art.com), and sought-after public speaker on personal wealth and energy management. She also edits, constructs and publishes eBooks and print books.

Angela is the author of Change Your Mind! with EFT (the very popular comprehensive EFT manual), and the shorty, Illustrated EFT Guide (which is also available in Spanish), The REAL Money Secrets, The Six Little P.I.G.E.E.S. Learn the Amazing Money Multiplying Methodde, and The Six Little P.I.G.E.E.S. 90-Day Daily Millionaire MindSet Guide.

Angela conducts individual and group trainings, and twice-weekly P.I.G.E.E.S. Treasure Tele-Classes about creating and maintaining a high level of personal health and wealth.

Angela interviews and records wealth, health and energy experts to bring the best of the best people, instruction and products to help people find and live their most outrageous dream. Find it all — 24/7 listening at IDareYourRadio.com.

Angela spent 40 years as a professional fine artist in porcelain, stone, bronze and oil painting. She has extensive experience in advertising, graphic design and marketing. In her free time, you’ll find her at the beach.




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